3 things people in our generation think it’s outdated.

1. The Bible
2. Jesus Christ
3. Heaven & Hell.

You might think so
As long as DEATH is still not outdated in this world, these 3 things are as real and important than any other thing on your mind.


¶Outdated (Bible and Jesus)>>> ➡➡Hell Fire.


It’s up to you to make your choice now but I hope to meet you up there in Heaven.
God Bless You.


{Culled from New Beginnings Programme on MAX TV}


The NEATNESS of the Money vrs The Cleanliness of the HEART


A Post by WRITE4Jesus

On the 1st of February, 2017, after a thunderstorm rain-filled night on the last day of January, I was on my usual route to school for which I was obviously late due to the cold night. After boarding a taxi, an incident occurred that provoked thoughts upon thoughts.

Sitting in the taxi now getting ready to pay my fare, I quickly placed my hand into my pocket to pay only to pick up a FRESH, NEW GHC 1 note. The note was SUPER-SUPER NEAT: the kind usually reserved for offering on Sunday.

As i sat in the taxi, I was contemplating whether to look for another GHC 1 note or not even as the taxi approached my stop point. Then I received a profound understanding from the Spirit. And this was it:

“It is not about the Neatness of the Money I present to God but the Cleanliness of my HEART”.

And I was like Wooooowww!!!

After receiving such an early morning revelation, I hesitated not to give the NEAT GHC 1 note to the taxi driver. Would you have agreed with such an insight after minimal reasoning against it?


The NEATNESS of the Money vrs The Cleanliness of the HEART.

Did you understand what the Spirit dropped to me?

Come back here for the #SEQUEL tomorrow to see what the Spirit meant by that saying.
Thank you.

WRITE 4 Jesus…